YouTube - RichWhitehouse's Channel
AVALANCHE videos, old project footage, footage from unreleased projects, trailers, and other random media.

Noesis Repository
The official repository for thirdparty Noesis plugins and scripts.

Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream
This is a completely fan-made remix project for the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack. It rules, and a lot of the guys behind it let me use their music in AVALANCHE and/or contributed to spreading word of AVALANCHE.

world of frikac
The blog of my dear friend and once-coworker Ryan. He writes things, things somehow probably relating to Quake or games.

Gnounc's Project Graveyard
Another friend and Quake modder.

I like to partake in random reverse-engineering projects with people here.

As the completely generic site name would not at all lead you to believe, this is primarily a Quake site. I go years without looking at the forums, but I'm in the IRC channel most of the time, because it's full of people I know and love.

The Lab Report
Oh the memories. The precious memories. This is a site devoted to covering Scientist Hunt levels and other resources, but it hasn't been updated in years.

All of my friends are dead. (at least on the inside)

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