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Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Is Totally Takei The Duke Nukem Forever demo is out. I can't even convey how surreal it is to me to be typing those words. But anyway, I've been poking around the demo for the last couple of days, and a new version of Noesis is up now that supports extracting 5 different variants of its included .dat packages.

The picture is of the world's first (well, probably) right and proper DNF content mod, with Duke sporting his brand new Takei Pride tanktop. Noesis spits out all of the info you need to re-inject textures while it's extracting them, and I've already got a fully functional repacker that I intend to release sometime relatively soon. I've also finished hammering out the model format now, and Noesis v3.27 and later can view/export them.

Duke modelDuke model
Duke modelDuke model

The process of exporting the models is pretty simple, but requires a few steps. Here's a step by step of what you need to do. Read more...

FX Fighter

FX Fighter 2011! A few days ago, I decided to reverse engineer FX Fighter. Being a poor boy, I missed out on most of the Saturn gaming era, and FX Fighter running on my old 486 was my first actual experience with a 3D fighter outside of the arcade. So it'd been sitting on my list of games to reverse for nostalgia's sake, and I figured I'd tackle it one day, hopefully using a nice IDA Pro plugin for DOSBox integration that handled DOS4GW applications. (there is a plugin, but I've had no luck getting it to debug 32-bit DOS apps) But the urge just struck me last weekend, and I decided to go after it armed with nothing but IDA Pro and an old build of DOSBox with its debugger enabled. Now I'm going to write a whole article about the process!

This isn't so much intended to be a file spec, as it is just a direct chronicle of my experiences and findings in figuring the game's formats out, in the actual order of my work/discovery. It's like you're right there scoping through the binary with me! I'll describe all of my approaches and general methodology here, as well, so get ready to digest a lot. Read more...

R5900 Emulation

Because I never even try to write meaningful things here anymore, I thought it might be a nice change of pace to actually mention something I've been working on lately. That would be a new R5900 emulator for Noesis. Read more...

More Kinect Mocap

Here's another video demonstrating motion recording in Noesis, now with ODE and custom ragdoll/IK support integrated.

Low gravity with hinge joints and high constraint values were used to create the moonboobies effect. Also, this video ended up going viral and getting over 500k views, air time on G4TV, and so on. Lesson learned: Incorporate boobies in absolutely everything I ever work on again.

Kinect Mocap

Noesis just got support for mocapping with your Kinect, via OpenNI+NITE. Figured I might as well post the demo video here.

It's also got a primitive built-in editor to allow you to create your own bone maps, and specify other factors like translation scale and axis flipping.

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