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R5900 Emulation

Because I never even try to write meaningful things here anymore, I thought it might be a nice change of pace to actually mention something I've been working on lately. That would be a new R5900 emulator for Noesis. Read more...

More Kinect Mocap

Here's another video demonstrating motion recording in Noesis, now with ODE and custom ragdoll/IK support integrated.

Low gravity with hinge joints and high constraint values were used to create the moonboobies effect. Also, this video ended up going viral and getting over 500k views, air time on G4TV, and so on. Lesson learned: Incorporate boobies in absolutely everything I ever work on again.

Kinect Mocap

Noesis just got support for mocapping with your Kinect, via OpenNI+NITE. Figured I might as well post the demo video here.

It's also got a primitive built-in editor to allow you to create your own bone maps, and specify other factors like translation scale and axis flipping.

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