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Telefragged (more recently known as AtomicGamer) has shut down. It housed a lot of my old stuff, like Quake mods, Half-Life mods, and the full Avalanche site. Those things are still available here in the file list under Resources, but you'll have to sift through and find the appropriate downloads by filename.

Marv (who hosted and maintained Telefragged in his own time for 17 years) was good enough to send me a full archive of my old site, along with an archive of The Lab Report, a Scientist Hunt fan site run by an upstanding gentleman named TriNitro. So if you're looking for anything that vanished, it's probably up here somewhere already or I've got it in an archive.

It Moved

Lightning being animated and rendered within Noesis. A lot of things have happened since I updated the actual web site here. I moved, got a new job, got married, and worked on a lot of things. I've worked on a couple of titles on the 3DS and Vita now too.

I've been wanting to work on a lot of projects in my personal time lately, but I can't seem to pull myself away from Noesis for more than a few weeks at a time. So that's what I've spent most of my spare time and energy on over the last year and a half. I've really been wanting to move over to working on a Jedi Knight 2/Jedi Academy codebase, though, and am hoping to finally get started on that soon. Read more...

Fish Scratch Fever

Zell as seen in FF8, probably enjoying some Fish Scratch Fever. It's been a while. I've been through a couple of contract projects, worked for Sony for a bit, did a bunch of stuff to Noesis, and now I'm on another contract project. I think that pretty much sums up the last 9 months.

My current project is rather cool in concept, but I can't talk about it yet. In fact, I can't go into detail about any of the professional work I've done recently. Everyone loves NDA's. That aside, however, I figured it might still be fun to go through and highlight some of the more noteworthy changes/additions that have been made to Noesis since my last update here. Read more...

PayPal Donations

The PayPal donation button is now located under the About section. As mentioned previously, don't feel obligated to donate, and doing so doesn't win you the right to dictate my actions or the features I'll implement in any of my projects. It's just a way to say thanks to me if you found something I did/made useful. If just saying thanks isn't enough.

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